Indonesia to Boost Medical Sales in Africa: Ambassador

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 31 Mei 2019 13:52 WIB
    Indonesia to Boost Medical Sales in Africa: Ambassador
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Johannesburg: The Indonesian Embassy in South Africa established the Indonesian Pavilion at the Africa Health Exhibition in Johannesburg on May 28-30.

    "The needs of the African people to medical devices and medicines are undoubtly high, but their access is still limited. This provides great opportunity for us to continue our penetration into the African market," Indonesian Ambassador in South Africa Salman Al-Farisi said during the official opening of the Indonesian Pavilion.

    "Indonesian branding must be strengthened, one of which is through our participation in this big exhibition" the Foreign Ministry's website quoted the ambassador as saying.

    There were four Indonesian companies participated in this exhibition: PT. Biofarma, PT. Dexa Medica, PT. Phapros, and CV. Kurniatama Lestari. The strategically located Indonesian Pavilion had successfully drawed interest of the visitors.

    The Indonesian Embassy in Pretoria and ITPC Johannesburg were using this exhibition not only to introduce Indonesian products, but also to provide tourism information. The Indonesian delegation who wore batik and traditional clothes managed to be a distinctive feature that distinguished them from the other participants.

    PT Biofarma, a manufacturer of vaccine and anti-sera which has distributed its products to 40 African countries, carries vaccines samples such as measles, Hepatitis B, polio, and meningitis in this exhibition. A private company, PT Dexa Medica, displays, among other, cold medicine, children's immunity-booster, medicine for allergy and diabetes, also a bloating and nausea reliever.

    The renowned pharmaceuthical company who produce Antimo, PT Phapros, promotes various types of medicine, including treatment for tuberculosis, health supplements, and herbal medicines for hypertension. While SME CV. Kurniatama Lestari brought traditional health products such as herbal tea, herbal coffee, and spa equipment such as body scrubs and massages oils.

    In the sidelines of the exhibitions, the Indonesian Embassy in Pretoria successfully brought the Indonesian delegation to meet with the local authorities, SAHPRA (South African Health Products and Regulatory Authority), and prospective partners (distributors and pharmaceutical companies) from, among others, South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique and Botswana. Not only marketing the product, the Indonesian Embassy in Pretoria also bridging the Indonesian delegates to establish cooperation with local stakeholders, including through joint production, joint ventures or joint research and development.

    During the exhibition, the Indonesian Pavillion were also promoting important event of the year: the Indonesia-Africa Infrastructure Dialogue (IAID), in Bali, August 2019 and the Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI), in BSD, October 2019. The Indonesian Embassy in Pretoria and ITPC Johannesburg used this opportunity to invite relevant parties to participate in the said activities.

    Medicines and medical equipment from Indonesia are known to have penetrated various countries in Africa. The Indonesian Embassy in Pretoria continues to strengthen Indonesia's presence in the African market, one of which by participating in this exhibition.

    Africa Health is the biggest health exhibition in the African continent which gather various actors in the business of health, pharmaceutical, and health-care manufacturers. This event attracted more than 10,000 visitors and was attended by 560 exhibitors from 39 countries every year. Aside from Indonesia, participation were also seen, among others, from the United States, Germany, China, India, Austria, Japan, Turkey and South Korea.?


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