comscore Wins Adam Malik Award

Marcheilla Ariesta - 06 January 2022 17:14 WIB Wins Adam Malik Award
Jakarta: won the Adam Malik Award in the Best Online Media category from the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Metro TV was also awarded with the Adam Malik Award for the Best Television Media category.
In addition to that, two journalists, Marcheilla Ariesta and Willy Haryono were nominees in the Best Online Media Journalist category.
Media Indonesia also received nominations for Best Print Media and Best Print Media Journalist categories.


Other winners include Kompas daily for Best Print Media and RRI-Pro3 radio station for Best Radio Media.
"The pandemic does not necessarily dampen the enthusiasm of journalists in providing news," said Press Council Chairman M. Nuh during the 2022 Adam Malik Awards ceremony here on Thursday, January 6, 2022.

As a form of appreciation for the support and partnerships with the media, especially the national media, the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs presents the Adam Malik Awards to Indonesian journalists for their journalistic works.


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