UNHCR Condemns Deportation of Cambodian Refugees from Thailand

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 12 November 2021 14:46 WIB
    UNHCR Condemns Deportation of Cambodian Refugees from Thailand
    UNHCR is alarmed at the deportation of two Cambodian refugees from Thailand.

    Geneva: The United Nations (UN) Refugee Agency, UNHCR, is alarmed at the deportation of two Cambodian refugees from Thailand, despite having advised the Royal Thai Government of their refugee status and their well-founded fear of persecution if returned to Cambodia.

    The refugees were arrested on 8 November, taken to an immigration detention centre in Bangkok and subsequently deported on 9 November to Cambodia, where they are at risk of persecution.


    UNHCR made interventions on behalf of the two refugees to the Royal Thai Government prior to their deportation, with the expectation that the matter would be handled in accordance with international legal standards, and that they would continue to receive protection in Thailand.

    "While we are seeking further clarifications on what exactly happened, we are deeply troubled by this deportation," said Indrika Ratwatte, UNHCR’s Regional Director for Asia-Pacific, in a press release on Friday.

    "I strongly urge the Thai authorities to investigate this matter. I appeal to Thailand to honour its fundamental international obligations, notably the principle of non-refoulement, and to refrain from such deportations in the future," he added.

    According to him, the UN Refugee Agency stands ready to discuss this issue with the Royal Thai Government, in view of supporting Thailand to uphold its international obligations.

    Moreover, UNHCR has urged the Cambodian authorities to respect their human rights and allow human rights organizations to monitor their situation in Cambodia.


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