UK Minister for Asia-Pacific Region to Visit Indonesia

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 13 Januari 2020 18:07 WIB
    UK Minister for Asia-Pacific Region to Visit Indonesia
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Jakarta: Minister for Asia and the Pacific at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom Heather Wheeler is set to visit Indonesia in order to open UK Mission for ASEAN, discuss trade, climate change and global issues

    During her visit, Wheeler will meet Deputy Foreign Minister Mahendra Siregar to discuss bilateral relations, including this year’s climate change conference in Glasgow, COP26, where the UK would like to explore how we globally can strengthen low carbon growth.

    In addition, she will also meet Trade Minister Agus Suparmanto; and the ASEAN Secretary General Dato Lim Jock Hoi to discuss UK-ASEAN relations.

    Furthermore, she is scheduled to visit the Jakarta International Velodrome Stadium in East Jakarta which demonstrates a success story of UK-Indonesia collaboration and present the Newton Prize to winning researchers together with Minister for Research and Higher Education Bambang Brodjonegoro. 

    “Indonesia is one of the most exciting countries in one of the world’s most fast-growing regions. With 4/7ths of the world’s people, the 21st Century will be the Asian Century – and Indonesia will be a huge part of that. The UK and Indonesia share many values and interests- as democratic states, multi-faith societies and island nations. We have been working closely and I want to see us do even more together, including in the areas of trade, low carbon
    development and foreign policy," Wheeler said in a presss release issued on Monday, January 13, 2020.

    "The visit will further UK-ASEAN relations. The UK has Embassies or High Commissions in all ten ASEAN capital cities. We collaborate strongly with ASEAN across all three of the organisation’s communities – Political Security, Economic and Socio-Cultural. Now we are strengthening our engagement even further by opening the UK mission to ASEAN in Jakarta. We hope to play our part in strengthening multilateral collaboration in the region," she added.

    This is Wheeler's first visit Indonesia since her appointment as Minister for Asia and the Pacific in July last year.


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