PNG Urges Indonesia to Hold Another Border Trade Festival

    Antara - 09 Januari 2020 15:53 WIB
    PNG Urges Indonesia to Hold Another Border Trade Festival
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Jayapura: The Government of Papua New Guinean (PNG) has appealed to the Indonesian government to hold another Border Trade Festival (BTF) in the area bordering both nations.

    "It is true that PNG has appealed to Indonesia to hold another BTF in the border area as it did in 2017," Chief of the Border and Foreign Cooperation Bureau of the Papuan Provincial Government Suzana Wanggai remarked here on Wednesday, January 8, 2020.

    According to her, the PNG government put forth the request during the Border Liaison Meeting held in Lae late last year.

    Wanggai noted that the Papua provincial government will make efforts to organize the event. PNG views the festival as a platform for its businessmen to explore business opportunities, especially to establish cooperation with Papuan businesspersons in supplying various commodities to the neighboring country. The BTF also serves as a means for PNG businessmen to promote their commodities to Papua.

    "During the BTF 2017, held in the vicinity of the Skouw border checkpoint in Jayapura, businessmen of Papua and PNG expressed keen interest (in participating in the event)," she noted.

    The Papua provincial government has yet to set a date for the second BTF. Matters pertaining to it are still being discussed with various parties. (Antara)


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