ASEAN Countries Committed to Strengthening Customs Cooperation

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 09 Oktober 2020 18:21 WIB
    ASEAN Countries Committed to Strengthening Customs Cooperation
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    Jakarta: The Indonesian Directorate General of Customs and Excise hosted the Fourth Joint Customs Middle-Management Programme (4th JCMMP) this week. 

    Representatives from eight ASEAN Member States and Australia attended the virtual event, dubbed as the networking platform for future customs leaders in the region.

    "The event promoted knowledge and experience sharing on handling emerging issues in the region, and strengthening the relationships of ASEAN Customs administrations’ middle-management level officers," stated the ASEAN Secretariat in a press release on Friday.

    Participants discussed various topical issues, such as lessons-learned from the covid-19 outbreak, coordinated border management, eradicating drugs smuggling, managing illicit trade in waste and other environmentally sensitive commodities, risk management, cooperation between Customs and Tax Authorities, and establishment of effective joint border protection to combat transnational organised crime.

    According to Indonesia’s Director General of Customs and Excise Heru Pambudi, as the current Vice-Chair of the World Customs Organisation for Asia Pacific, Indonesia remains committed to promote cooperation and partnership among middle-management level officers in the region.

    The fifth edition of the programme is scheduled to be in 2021 in Australia.


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