Indonesia Calls for Unity of OIC, Independence for Palestinians

    Antara - 17 May 2021 17:22 WIB
    Indonesia Calls for Unity of OIC, Independence for Palestinians
    Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi (Photo:MoFA)

    Jakarta: Indonesia will continually support the Palestinians' struggle for independence and calls for the unity of OIC member countries and various Palestinian elements in the fight against Israeli colonization.

    "Justice must prevail for the Palestinian people. I emphasize that Indonesia will continue to support the Palestinian cause," the minister remarked during a virtual press conference following an Open-ended Extraordinary Meeting of the OIC Executive Committee here on Sunday.


    Marsudi highlighted the importance of unity among OIC member countries and Palestinians in the struggle to achieve the Palestinian independence.

    The minister additionally urged OIC member nations to leverage their influence to press for a cease-fire and halt Israeli aggressions against Palestinians at the earliest.

    Moreover, the OIC should focus on helping Palestinians to achieve freedom on the basis of the principle of a two-state solution.

    In addition, Indonesia is optimistic that the OIC would make a call to the international community to end the Israeli colonization and racial segregation.

    The OIC must also reiterate its position in supporting the issue of Al Quds Al-Sharif.

    "In my closing statement, I had said that the fight to support Palestine's independence is still far from over. I emphasize that the unity of OIC must be maintained to support the Palestinian fight for freedom. Together, we have to act now," she stated.

    Palestine is currently the only country in the world that is still being colonized. All sufferings endured by the Palestinian people are due to Israel as the occupying power, she remarked.

    Indonesia strongly denounces every Israeli violent action, she added.


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