Indonesia-Madagascar Friendship Park Inaugurated

Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 08 November 2021 13:26 WIB
Indonesia-Madagascar Friendship Park Inaugurated
Indonesia-Madagascar Friendship Park (Photo:KBRI Antananarivo)
Antananarivo: To further strengthen friendly relations between Indonesia and Madagascar,  Head of Indonesian Mission in Antananarivo Benny Yan Pieter Siahaan together with Minister of National Defense of Madagascar General Richard Rakotonirina inaugurated the Indonesia-Madagascar Friendship Park at Wisma Indonesia Ivato on Saturday.

Defense Minister Richard is the Chairperson of the Indonesian Alumni Association (IAI) in Madagascar.
The Indonesia-Madagascar Friendship Park is decorated with a Kalimantan stilt house. The ancestors of many people in the African country are originated from Kalimantan island.

In addition, the plants in this park can also be found in Indonesia such as hibiscus, papaya, and heliconia. There is even an Indonesian rickshaw which in Madagascar is called pus-pus.

As a symbol of the friendship between the two countries, stone monuments of the flags of Indonesia and Madagascar have also been made.

"I as the President of the Indonesian Alumni Association and also the Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Madagascar feel honored and touched by the goodwill of Mr. Benny Siahaan as the Head of the Indonesian Representative in Madagascar who seeks to create friendship and brotherhood in Wisma Indonesia," said Defense Minister Richard in a press release on Monday.

"I hope that the friendship and brotherhood of Indonesia and Madagascar can last forever and that the cooperation between the two countries can continue to be improved," Defense Minister Richard continued.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Indonesian Mission in Madagascar Benny Yan Pieter Siahaan said that the establishment of the Indonesia-Madagascar Friendship Park was intended to show that Indonesia-Madagascar relations are not only limited to diplomatic relations, but also history, culture and even genetics. 


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