Indonesia, EU Strengthen Collaboration in Research, Innovation

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 20 October 2020 10:47 WIB
    Indonesia, EU Strengthen Collaboration in Research, Innovation
    Indonesian Minister of Research and Technology Bambang Brodjonegoro. (Photo:Bappenas)
    Jakarta: The European Union (EU) in collaboration with the Indonesian Ministry for Research and Technology launched the European Research Days (ERD) 2020 on Monday.

    Facilitated by EURAXESS ASEAN, this initiative will present a series of webinar from October 19-26.

    With the theme "Boost Your Research Career in Europe", experts from European Research Council (ERC), Germany, Austria, France, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Finland, and Luxembourg are promoting the European excellence in the field of research, various opportunities for funding and research collaboration. 

    “Research and innovation are increasingly global initiatives that require co-operation between multiple partners to offer solutions to global challenges that do not respect national borders, including the covid-19 pandemic. Since the start of the covud-19 outbreak, EU research and innovation has been one of our most impactful tools to tackle the disease. Until September 2020, the EU has already invested €458.9 million from Horizon 2020, for its research and innovation programme specifically targeting the pandemic," said EU Ambassador to Indonesia Vincent Piket in a press release issued on Monday.

    "Beyond covid-19, the EU is committed to tackle the biggest challenge of our times: climate change. A few weeks ago, the European Commission has launched the European Green Deal call for research and innovation projects. This is a €1 billion call under Horizon 2020 aims to respond to the climate crisis. The call includes opportunities for international cooperation in the context of the Paris Agreement as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)," he stated.

    The research opportunities are open for researchers, scholars and academia from all disciplines and from anywhere in Indonesia as well as ASEAN.

    "EURAXESS ASEAN is a unique initiative that links researchers in ASEAN with Europe by delivering information and support services that allow researchers to develop their research careers in Europe, or work with European research partners," said Regional Representative EURAXESS ASEAN Susanne Rentzow-Vasu.

    The European Research Day is designed to advance the careers of Indonesian researchers by giving them an opportunity to conduct research at the highest level in Europe or with European partners and to produce publications and innovations which will ultimately benefit Indonesia’s social and economic development. 

    "Indonesia highly appreciates the European Research Days initiative which opens opportunities for Indonesian experts to develop research careers in Europe. The European Union itself has long shown its commitment to the advancement of Indonesia, not only in the education sector in general, but also in the fields of research, technology and innovation," said Indonesian Minister of Research and Technology Bambang Brodjonegoro.

    The EU has long been promoting international cooperation in research towards a more sustainable and competitive society and economy.


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