Young Activist Urges Developed Countries to Stop Export Plastic Waste

    Marcheilla Ariesta, Christopher Harindra - 23 Januari 2020 12:37 WIB
    Young Activist Urges Developed Countries to Stop Export Plastic Waste
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Jakarta: If Sweden has Greta Thunberg, Indonesia also has Aeshnina Azzahra. Called Nina by her colleagues, the young environment activist in the last few days actively met with the ambassadors of partner countries to discuss plastic waste.

    The Gresik resident met with German Ambassador to Indonesia Peter Schoof on Tuesday, January 21, 2020. She wanted to submit a letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    During the meeting, she discussed imported plastic waste at the Port of Tanjung Perak, Surabaya. She also showed a German woman's identity card and a beverage package from Bavaria region that were found in a pile of rubbish in Bangun Village, Mojokerto.

    Ambassador Schoof promised to send the letter to Berlin on the same day. He continued to appeal for Indonesia to provide evidence that there were German companies related to violations of waste imports so that they could be investigated.

    According to him, Indonesia produces 3.2 - 3.9 million tons of plastic in a year, while Germany sends 64,000 tons of plastic raw materials to Indonesia.

    "Most of the waste-related problems in Indonesia are that we need to find ways to collect waste from community housing, separate recycled and non-recyclable waste and build recycling plants," Schoof said in a statement received by on Wednesday 22 January 2020.

    Nina asked developed countries to stop exporting paper waste mixed with dirty plastic that cannot be recycled so that it is not thrown on the riverbanks or burned in yards. Nina also wrote a letter to the President of the United States Donald Trump.  She also sent a letter to the Prime Minister of Australia through the Australian Embassy in Jakarta.


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