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    KJRI Hong Kong Assists Swimming Team Stranded at Airport

    Marcheilla Ariesta - 13 Agustus 2019 11:46 WIB
    KJRI Hong Kong Assists Swimming Team Stranded at Airport
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id/Rakhmat Riyandi)
    Hong Kong: A Jakarta-based swimming team were stranded at Hong Kong International Airport  on Monday after a series of demonstrations led to the closure of the airport.

    However, the swimming team have received assistance from the Consulate General of The Republic of Indonesia in Hong Kong (KJRI Hong Kong).

    According to Turmuji, the head of the swimming team, they had been picked up and brought to the KJRI Hong Kong office in Victoria Park Area.

    “At first, we left the hotel to go straight to the airport, the roads were not congested at that
    time. By the time we arrived at the Airport, it had been already surrounded by them (the
    demonstrators),” Turmuji spoke to Medcom.id through phone on Tuesday, August 13, 2019.

    “Fortunately, they weren’t harrasing us. We were just not able to move because we
    were surrounded by them,” he added.

    Turmuji said that KJRI Hong Kong staff came and picked them up as soon as it turned out that
    their flight had been cancelled. They were about to take off aboard a Cathcay Pacific Airline plane.

    Turmuji added that the swimming team consisted of 47 members. The team took part in Hong Kong Open Swimming competition. 

    “Right now, they are all safe, there is no problem at all. All we have to do now is just wait for the next flight. Due to the delay, the airline personel have to re-arrange our flight schedule,” said Turmuji.

    The Acting Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Hong Kong, Mandala Purba, said
    that the situation in Hong Kong is now secure. The airport was just recently re-opened in the

    He added that the Consulate General has its own Whatsapp Hotline numbers, which are +852
    6894 2799, +852 6773 0466 and +852 5294 4184. They are specifically provided for
    Indonesian citizens living in Hong Kong who need to know the recent security condition
    there and also who need assistance. (Translator: Muhammad Gestinev)


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