UNICEF, Partners Launch Vaccination Demand Observatory to Combat Vaccine Hesitancy

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 29 April 2021 15:36 WIB
    UNICEF, Partners Launch Vaccination Demand Observatory to Combat Vaccine Hesitancy
    Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id)

    New York: To combat vaccine hesitancy worldwide, UNICEF, the Public Good Projects (PGP) and Yale Institute for Global Health launched the Vaccination Demand Observatory today.

    Public uncertainty in the current pandemic has been exacerbated by an "infodemic," a confusing epidemic of information and misinformation. 

    The Vaccination Demand Observatory (The Observatory) is developing tools, training, technical support and research to equip in-country teams to mitigate the impact of misinformation and mistrust on all vaccines. 

    This programme is organized in three pillars: social listening analytics and insight generation, a training and education program to tackle challenges related to all vaccines, and a communications lab.

    "In these times of heightened anxiety and uncertainty, people have many perfectly reasonable questions and concerns about vaccines. But their search for answers may be confounded by huge information gaps and a miasma of mis- and disinformation," saif Dr. Angus Thomson, PhD, Senior Social Scientist for UNICEF, in a press release on Friday. 

    "We can't address people's concerns if we don't first understand them. Then we must speak with - not at - people, where they are, about what matters to them. The Observatory will help empower countries to do this," Thomson stated.         

    UNICEF helps reach almost half of the world's children with life-saving vaccines and those kids' access to education, health and protection services has been severely disrupted by the pandemic. 


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