Stranded Iranians Depart Meulaboh Waters

    Antara - 03 Februari 2020 16:42 WIB
    Stranded Iranians Depart Meulaboh Waters
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Meulaboh: Some 14 Iranians stranded for nearly a week in the Meulaboh waters in West Aceh regency departed, Sunday evening, for the Indian Ocean under the escort of immigration, water police, and rescue personnel.

    "We escorted the boat carrying the foreign nationals up to 15 miles to the west (of Meulaboh coast) to the Indian Ocean," Head of the Information and Communication Technology Section of the Meulaboh Immigration Office Adi Hari Pianto stated here on Sunday.

    According to the official, the 14 Iranian nationals were stranded after their boat encountered an engine malfunction since they were in the Maldives waters. 

    Once repairs were conducted on the boat, they continued their journey.

    Before being dispatched to the high seas, the West Aceh regency government, along with authorized agencies, had provided them logistics, including rice, clean water, and other basic necessities.

    Pianto expressed hope that they would not encounter any shortage of food and drinking water during their journey. Pianto confirmed that his side had coordinated with the Iranian Embassy in Jakarta to dispatch the Iranian nationals.

    "According to the information we had received, the boat, carrying the 14 Iranian nationals, will dock in the Maldives waters where their countrymen have been waiting for them," he stated. (Antara)


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