South African Business Leaders Invited to Attend TEI 2019

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 22 Juli 2019 12:44 WIB
    South African Business Leaders Invited to Attend TEI 2019
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Durban: The Indonesian Embassy in Pretoria and the ITPC Johannesburg has invited South African business sectors to attend the Indonesia-Africa Infrastructure Dialogue (IAID) and the 34th Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI).

    IAID will be held in the island of Bali next month, while TEI will take place in BSD, Tangerang, Banten in October 2019. 

    The Indonesian Embassy in Pretoria and the ITPC Johannesburg held a series of activities under theme of "Trade and Invest with Remarkable Indonesia" in Durban, South Africa on July 16-18. 

    "There are interests from several South African business sectors to attend IAID and the 34th TEI," the Foreign Affairs Ministry said in a press statement released on Monday. 

    Those series of events consisted of business forum as the main event and meetings with various business actors, media and local government.

    The Indonesian Missions also held in-store promotion of Indonesian products, not only batik and food and beverage products, but also Indonesian strategic industrial products such as train wagons from PT. INKA, tanks from PT. Pindad and aircraft from PT. Dirgantara Indonesia.

    "The Government of Indonesia has optimism over the increasing trend of South African investment in Indonesia," the Foreign Affairs Ministry noted.

    From the figure of investment realization in 2018, there was an increase in the rank of South Africa as the country of origin of the largest investor in Indonesia. South Africa has climbed from rank 43 in 2017 to 39 in 2018. In total, there was an increase in the number of investments, from USD 4.3 million in 2017 to USD 5.37 million in 2018.

    South Africa contributes to the development of tourism in Indonesia, especially after visa-free regime issued by the Government of Indonesia. Indonesia has enjoyed a significant increase in the number of foreign tourists from South Africa, from 38,073 in 2017 to 41,962 in 2018. This shows an attractive investment opportunity for South Africans to start a business in Indonesia.

    In the meeting between the Indonesian Embassy in Pretoria, ITPC Johannesburg and IIPC Abu Dhabi with the Durban City Government, the South African side showed enthusiasm during the discussion of the possibility of sister city cooperation between Durban and suitable cities in Indonesia. Currently Durban has sister city cooperation with Alexandria, Bremen, Chicago, New Orleans and Rotterdam. The Durban Acting Major, Fauzia Pier, stated that the team is ready to conduct preliminary research and visits to execute such cooperation with the Indonesian Government.

    Other potential cooperation was also identified from the meetings with local business people. Given the topography and characteristics of Durban City as a port city, priority sectors that can be explored and acted upon are the fisheries, shipping and port sectors, tourism and blue economy.  


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