Indonesia, UK Discuss Bilateral Cooperation, Myanmar Crisis

    Willy Haryono - 07 April 2021 12:38 WIB
    Indonesia, UK Discuss Bilateral Cooperation, Myanmar Crisis
    Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi and UK Foreign Secretary Domini Raab (Photo:MoFA)

    Jakarta: Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno held a bilateral meeting with her British counterpart Dominic Raab during the latter's visit to Jakarta on Wednesday.

    "This morning, I am pleased to welcome Secretary Raab on his first official visit to Jakarta. Bilateral relations between Indonesia and the UK continues to grow stronger. The UK is Indonesia’s strategic partner, Indonesia’s 2nd largest investor and 5th largest trade  partner from Europe," said Indonesia's top diplomat in a joint press statement after the bilateral meeting.

    "Secretary Raab and I just concluded the 3rd Partnership Forum. We discussed a wide-range of issues on bilateral cooperation as well as regional and global  issues of common concern. On bilateral cooperation, I conveyed three points," she stated.

    First, she called for stronger bilateral cooperation in the health sector. According to her, health cooperation is fundamental to build greater resilience of Indonesia's healthcare industry. UK is also one of Indonesia's sources for covid-19 vaccines

    Second, she discussed ways to accelerate economic recovery programs and improve trade relations. To that end, the two governments agreed to work together to promote 10 priority sectors including timber and agricultural  commodities. The upcoming MoU on Joint Economic and Trade Committee is hoped to help accelerate the realization of these priorities.

    "Third, strengthening defense and security cooperation.  As we just witnessed, the signing of MoU on Counter Terrorism will be our platform for  strengthening security cooperation against the threat of terrorism. I also welcome the effort to  deepen cooperation in the field of defense particularly through the Joint Defense Cooperation Dialogue," she explained.

    Besides bilateral cooperation, the two delegations also discussed many issues from the Middle East, Myanmar to  UK’s preparation to host COP-29 and Indonesia’s Presidency in G20.

    On Myanmar, they shared the same concern and continue to call for the Myanmar Military to stop the use of force to prevent further civilian casualties, and create conditions conducive for dialogue to put democracy, peace and stability back on track.

    They also discussed also how the international community, including the UK could support ASEAN effort to help Myanmar in resolving this situation.


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