New Zealand Provides Further Military Support to Ukraine

Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 28 March 2022 11:54 WIB
New Zealand Provides Further Military Support to Ukraine
This military support is in addition to the $6 million in humanitarian assistance. (Photo:
Wellington: New Zealand is providing further military support to Ukraine as it defends itself against Russia’s invasion, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced today.

"We will deploy nine New Zealand Defence Force personnel to the United Kingdom and Belgium, to support our partners in intelligence and engagement work, over the next three months," Ardern said in a statement on Monday.
“Seven NZDF intelligence analysts will go to the UK to assist with the heightened demand for intelligence assessments. Some of our people will directly support intelligence work on the Ukraine war, and some will join existing teams focused on other parts of the world. Two other officers will deploy to the UK and Belgium to enhance our engagement with, and understanding of, partner activities related to Ukraine. One will work with the existing Defence Attaché and NZ military representative to NATO, and one will work within the UK’s Permanent Joint Headquarters," she explained.

According to her, New Zealand has also approved the use of the Defence Force’s open source intelligence capabilities for three months to support the UK and other European partners.

"This military support is in addition to the $6 million in humanitarian assistance, and the establishment of a special Ukraine visa for family members of Ukrainian New Zealanders, for which 264 applications have been made and 46 visas have been issued," she said.

"The Russia Sanctions Act has already designated over 460 individuals and entities with the Government clear that they will be announcing more targets and prohibitions in the coming days, weeks, and months," she added.


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