USAID to Support Medical Oxygen Systems in 11 Countries

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 17 November 2020 14:30 WIB
    USAID to Support Medical Oxygen Systems in 11 Countries
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    Jakarta: The US Government, through the US Agency for International Development (USAID), has obligated $18 million to support the provision of medical oxygen across 11 covid-19 affected countries.

    The countries are  the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan; and the Republics of Bolivia, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, Haïti, Honduras, Kenya, Mozambique, Perú, and Tajikistan.  

    Supplemental oxygen is an essential, life-saving treatment for people ill with covid-19.  

    The funds announced will purchase and distribute oxygen-generating equipment and related consumables and durables, and finance technical assistance to train health-care workers to use them. 

    The leading-edge equipment, technology, and assistance provided by this funding builds upon the more than $1.6 billion the US Department of State and USAID have already committed to the global fight against the novel coronavirus. 

    Through an All-of-America approach, the US will provide the $18 million in new funding for oxygen during Fiscal Year 2021 in coordination with host-country governments and other key stakeholders to promote the sustainability of this investment.

    Since 2009, American taxpayers have funded more than $100 billion in health assistance, and nearly $70 billion in humanitarian assistance, around the world. 


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