Indonesia, South Korea Explore Cooperation in Educational Field

    Antara - 03 June 2021 11:47 WIB
    Indonesia, South Korea Explore Cooperation in Educational Field
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    Seoul: Indonesia and South Korea are looking into the possibility of cooperation in the educational field, which will involve investments to the tune of US$11 million.

    "According to the plan, it (the cooperation) will be realized along with IPB University this year. It will last for seven years," educational and cultural attaché at the Indonesian Embassy in Seoul, Gogot Suharwoto, said on Wednesday.


    The cooperation will be the first project undertaken by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) for an institute of higher learning in Indonesia, he said. The project will include drafting standard operating procedures for the maintenance of instruments at the Green Bio National Instrumentation Center (GBNIC), including security and safety systems, at IPB University.

    The cooperation will also cover the procurement of sophisticated instruments, facilities, and infrastructure for performing high-level Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GCMS), ICP-MS/MS, Spectrometer, SEM, and TEM analyses.

    The cooperation will also involve capacity-building of teachers and technicians through medium-term training programs for lecturers, researchers, and technicians.

    As part of the cooperation, KOICA will help IPB lecturers obtain scholarships to study at the Seoul National University.

    They will also send experts to IPB University to meet with the project director and the project manager, Suharwoto said. 


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