Solidarity, Cooperation Needed to Combat Covid-19: China's Top Diplomat

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 20 November 2020 14:31 WIB
    Solidarity, Cooperation Needed to Combat Covid-19: China's Top Diplomat
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    Jakarta: Countries need to fight for an early victory against covid-19 through enhanced solidarity and cooperation, according to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

    "The coronavirus is still wreaking havoc worldwide. Some countries are seeing an even more ferocious resurgence than the earlier outbreaks. No one can stay immune from the crisis, and we are all in this together," said the minister in his virtual remarks at the Global Town Hall event on Friday.

    As one of the first countries to effectively contain the coronavirus, China will continue to leverage its strengths to advance international cooperation on epidemic response and share its experience on containment and treatment with other countries. 

    In addition, the country will continue to provide support and assistance to countries and regions in need and continue to fully engage with the World Health Organization (WHO) and other parties.

    "We believe that countries need to improve the global governance system through strengthened multilateral coordination. This once-in-a-century pandemic once again tells us that no country can solve its own problems through a beggar-thy-neighbor policy or zero-sum approach. And such practices offer no solution to global challenges either," he stated.

    "We believe that countries need to promote global economic recovery through greater openness and integration. What has happened shows that covid-19 cannot and will not stop the prevailing trend toward economic globalization or regional integration. Seeking "decoupling" or "erecting walls" is self-destructive in the long run. Retreating to isolationism and protectionism is anachronistic," he stated.


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