EU, WVI Launch Project to Improve Village Economy in NTT

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 08 Oktober 2020 17:02 WIB
    EU, WVI Launch Project to Improve Village Economy in NTT
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Jakarta: Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI), with financial support from the European Union worth €950,000 or Rp16.6 billion, will implement a project "Enabling Civil Society for Inclusive Village Economic Development (ENVISION)". 

    The project will strengthen civil society organisations in the management of Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes) in three regions in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT)  Province, namely East Sumba Timur, South Central Timor and Kupang. 

    The project will target 50 villages and will promote the involvement of women and youth in the management of BUMDes and thereby improve the welfare of village communities.

    “The European Union strongly supports the effective participation and engagement of women and youth, civil society organisations, and local governments for a better performance of Village-Owned Enterprises. This will support economic growth and improve the welfare of rural communities. The EU puts women's rights and youth engagement at the heart of its development policy; it has consistently worked to help prevent and eliminate violence against women. We also help women to attain their full empowerment, including their participation in all spheres of public life," said EU Ambassador Vincent Piket in a press release on Thursday.

    In the Regional Mid-Term Development Plan of NTT Province for 2018-2023, the Provincial Government is targeting the establishment of 1,500 BUMDes in 2023. 

    Until mid-2019, through the Village Community Development and Empowerment Programme (P3MD), 1,100 BUMDes were established in NTT but only 700 have registered as a business unit.

    The ENVISION project will improve the capacity of village community to effectively and accountably manage the Village Fund, particularly as the fund continues to increase. 

    In addition to the improvement of management capacity and accountability of BUMDes, the project encourages the involvement of women and youth. Women and youth will be equipped with technical skills, such as financial literacy and leadership. 

    Enhanced participation of women can promote gender responsive planning and budgeting, and well-managed BUMDes with increased involvement of women and youth will provide significant benefits for improving the welfare of village community.

    "The target of the ENVISION project is to encourage involvement of women and youth in the management of BUMDes, and to improve the capacity of local governments in the management and supervision of BUMDes and Village Funds. We encourage this to be included in village regulations as one significant achievement indicator to ensure long-term sustainability. After all, by increasing the citizen participation in the management and supervision of BUMDes, it can bring welfare benefits to all," said WVI National Director, Doseba T Sinay.


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