Australia Provides Rp48 Billion to Support Indonesia's Covid-19 Response

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 22 Juni 2020 17:02 WIB
    Australia Provides Rp48 Billion to Support Indonesia's Covid-19 Response
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Jakarta: Australia has announced that it will provide AUD4.9 million (Rp48 billion) to UNICEF in support of Indonesia’s covid-19 response.

    With this new funding, UNICEF and Indonesia will work together to maintain essential health services in communities, strengthen the health system, improve basic water, sanitation and hygiene practices, supply critical goods and make sure that women, children and vulnerable communities have access to nutrition interventions.

    “The covid-19 pandemic is the most significant development challenge currently facing our region, and the world,” Australia’s Ambassador to Indonesia Gary Quinlan said in a press release on Monday.

    “As a close friend and long-term partner to Indonesia whose futures are inseparable, we have a shared interest in combatting covid-19 and its impacts and Australia is pleased to partner with UNICEF to support immediate health and humanitarian needs”. he added.

    Australia has also changed the orientation of its development program in Indonesia to respond directly to covid-19. This includes an additional AUD 21 million in immediate support to Indonesia’s health, humanitarian and economic response.

    Australia is committed to working in partnership with Indonesia and UNICEF to respond to the crisis. This collaboration with UNICEF is designed to protect Indonesia’s children from the worst impacts of this global pandemic. (antara)


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