US Announces New Assistance to Support Sri Lankans

Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 22 June 2022 12:50 WIB
US Announces New Assistance to Support Sri Lankans
The United Nations recently warned of an unfolding multidimensional food security crisis in Sri Lanka. (Photo:
Washington: The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has announced $11.75 million in new assistance to support Sri Lankans who are enduring a food security and economic crisis. 

In a recent appeal to international donors, the United Nations warned of an unfolding multidimensional food security crisis in Sri Lanka. 
In response, USAID is providing over $5.75 million for humanitarian assistance to address the deteriorating food security situation and support early recovery, risk reduction, and resilience initiatives in vulnerable communities in Sri Lanka. 

These programs will distribute cash assistance to enable tens of thousands of crisis-affected people to immediately meet their basic needs. U

USAID’s humanitarian programming will also support disaster risk reduction, shelter, and agriculture and livelihood activities, including providing agricultural inputs to Sri Lankan farmers for the upcoming planting season to bolster long-term food security. 

"The US Government, as shown by its assistance through USAID, is committed to supporting the Sri Lankan people as they weather this difficult period," USAID said in a press release on Tuesday.

"We will continue to explore ways to help meet their immediate and long-term needs, and will continue ongoing efforts that foster sustainable economic growth, promote inclusivity, strengthen governance, and foster a free and prosperous Sri Lanka," it stated.

USAID will also provide $6 million in development assistance to support small-scale agricultural productivity and microenterprises in marginalized and vulnerable communities that traditionally experience high poverty rates and are especially impacted by the economic crisis. 

Additionally, it will support economic reforms in Sri Lanka, public sector efficiency, and better resource management.


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