Indonesian Fishermen to Mobilize Hundreds of Boats to Natuna Waters

    Antara - 06 Januari 2020 17:58 WIB
    Indonesian Fishermen to Mobilize Hundreds of Boats to Natuna Waters
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Semarang: The Alliance of Indonesian Fishers (Anni) affirmed readiness to mobilize hundreds of fishing boats to Natuna waters, Riau Islands Province, to support the Navy to guard the territory after China’s boats poached on the area.

    “Nearly 500 fishing vessels, of size above 100 GT, are ready to catch fish in Natuna while ‘spying’ over the waters to secure the country's territorial border,” Riyono, head of Anni, noted in a statement received here on Monday, January 6, 2020.

    This will reiterate the principle of Indonesia’s sovereignty that the maritime activists and fishers have always upheld.

    Safeguarded by the Chinese coast guard vessels, Chinese fishing boats have frequently trespassed into Indonesia's economic exclusive zone near the Natuna Islands to conduct poaching.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia lodged a strong protest over China's recent violation to which Anni lent its support.

    Nonetheless, China’s fishing boats and coast guard vessels have yet to budge from the Natuna waters that Riyono views as a provocative act.

    “We will summon the Indonesian fishers groups and local fishers to manage cooperation with the authorities to mobilize more forces to Natuna. We will also lodge a protest with the Chinese Embassy,” Riyono added. (Antara)


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