Indonesia Appoints Three Honorary Consuls in Africa

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 24 Juli 2019 19:29 WIB
    Indonesia Appoints Three Honorary Consuls in Africa
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Dakar: The Indonesian Government, represented by the Special Advisor to the Minister for Foreign Affairs on Inter-Institutional Relations, Ambassador Ronny P. Yuliantoro, has officially appointed three Indonesian Honorary Consuls.

    They are Herminaldo Brito as the Honorary Consul in Praia, Cabo Verde; Hassan Mazeh as the Honorary Consul in Bissau, Guinea-Bissau; and Diaraye Barrie as the Honorary Consul in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

    The oath-taking ceremony was held at Suraloka Mahameru Hall of the Indonesian Embassy in Dakar, Senegal on Tuesday.

    It was attended by the Guinea Bissau Secretary of State Foreign Affairs, Cooperation, and Community, H.E. Malam Bacai Jr., the Ambassador of Cabo Verde in Dakar, the Ambassador of Guinea-Bissau in Dakar, and the Ambassador of Sierra Leone in Dakar, Indonesian Honorary Consul in Cabo Verde, Indonesian Honorary Consul in Gambia, Indonesian Honorary Consul in Guinea-Bissau, Indonesian Honorary Consul in Mali, Indonesian Honorary Consul in Sierra-Leone, along with the families and relatives of the Indonesian Honorary Consuls and colleagues? from Indonesian Embassy in Dakar.

    In his remarks, Ambassador Yuliantoro congratulated the three Honorary Consuls for their acknowledged credibility and integrity to perform their duties to improve their respective areas' bilateral cooperation with Indonesia.

    "The government trusts the appointed Consuls to represent Indonesia that support the Indonesian Representatives' duties and missions in Dakar in order to enhance the economic, social, cultural, and Indonesian Citizen Protection in their respective stations," the Foreign Affairs Ministry said in a press statement released on Tuesday.

    In addition, He also emphasized that Africa has become Indonesia's partner since the Asia-Africa Conference in 1955, strengthened by the 50th and 60th AAC commemoration, and Indonesia-Africa Forum 2018 that generates various cooperation. 

    "The appointment of the three Indonesian Honorary Consuls set out as the evidence of Indonesian commitment to improve its representation in the African region and strengthen its engagement with African countries," it added.


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