UN Special Envoy Calls for Action to Prevent Deterioration of Situation in Myanmar

Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 14 January 2022 08:12 WIB
UN Special Envoy Calls for Action to Prevent Deterioration of Situation in Myanmar
The Special Envoy reiterated her offer to work closely with the Special Envoy of the ASEAN Chair.
Yangon: The Special Envoy of the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General on Myanmar Noeleen Heyzer has urged for immediate action to prevent further deterioration of the situation in Myanmar.

The message was delivered during a virtual discussion with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen.
Cambodia currently is the Chair of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

She expressed deep concern about continued intensification of military operations, including aerial attacks in parts of the country, emphasising that the people of Myanmar needed to see indicators and results on the ground, requiring any goodwill to be demonstrated in concrete terms. 

The Special Envoy underlined her readiness to help strengthen regional efforts towards effective urgent implementation of the "Five-Point Consensus," aligned with the will of the people of Myanmar.  

The Special Envoy also stressed that a Myanmar-led process, that is guided by the will of the people, towards a peaceful, democratic and inclusive future needed to be supported by a coherent international approach grounded on regional unity

"She committed to working closely with the Chair of ASEAN and its members towards this end, making available the wide array of comparative advantages and expertise of the United Nations to reinforce and complement regional action, grounded on the "Five-Point Consensus," as a vital step," said the Office of the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General on Myanmar in a press release on Thursday.

The Special Envoy underlined the urgency for an expanded approach to providing humanitarian assistance. In this respect, she highlighted an UN-ASEAN "humanitarian plus" umbrella could coordinate and deliver assistance to affected communities through all existing channels, and address the multiple priority needs of the people across the country. This would include civilian protection as well as food security, socio-economic resilience, humanitarian and COVID assistance.  The Special Envoy welcomed the Prime Minister’s invitation to co-facilitate such efforts.

She also stressed the importance of advancing the "Five-Point Consensus," including an immediate cessation of violence, and for all parties to exercise utmost restraint. For this, the Special Envoy advocated for confidence-building measures involving all stakeholders, in addition to ethnic armed organizations.  In this regard, she proposed the UN and ASEAN, as part of its “humanitarian plus” joint action, consider pursuing with all sides a humanitarian pause in targeted areas to allow safe and unhindered access.

The Special Envoy reiterated her offer to work closely with the Special Envoy of the ASEAN Chair.  This meant bringing in broader support from the international community and UN system around a coordinated strategy towards creating an enabling environment for inclusive dialogue.


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