Jokowi Opens Indonesia-Africa Infrastructure Dialogue in Bali

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 20 Agustus 2019 19:34 WIB
    Jokowi Opens Indonesia-Africa Infrastructure Dialogue in Bali
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Jakarta: President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo led the opening ceremony of the 2019 Indonesia-Africa Infrastructure Dialogue (IAID) at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center in Bali on Tuesday.

    "Indonesia is ready to share experience and assist infrastructure development," the Cabinet Secretariat's website quoted the president as saying.

    The two-day forum is expected to gather 700 business leader from Indonesia and all African countries. The event aims to highlight progress of cooperation and business deals signed at last year's Indonesia-Africa Forum (IAF) and feature the signing of business deals in infrastructure cooperation and other strategic industries between Indonesia and African countries.

    Indonesia and Africa reached a new milestone of cooperation by the successful convening of the first ever Indonesia-Africa Forum (IAF). The forum reinforced the existing strong relations between Indonesia and Africa forged since the 1955 Asia-Africa Conference.

    In addition, it paved new avenues for economic cooperation. For the record, IAF resulted in concrete economic cooperation amounting to USD 586,56 million of business deals in sectors of strategic industries, infrastructure, financing, mining, textile, aircraft maintenance and trade in commodities.

    According to the Global Infrastructure Outlook from Global Infrastructure Hub, the investment needs for various infrastructure projects in Africa from 2016 to 2040 amounts to USD 6 trillion. Meanwhile, Indonesia forecasted the need of USD 1.7 trillion in the same period


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