Turn Back the Boat Policy Doesnt Reflect Cooperation Spirit: Deputy FM

Fajar Nugraha - 27 November 2015 16:24 WIB
Turn Back the Boat Policy Doesnt Reflect Cooperation Spirit: Deputy FM
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (Photo: MTVN/Fajar Nugraha), Jakarta: Australia once again turned back refugee boat to Indonesian territory. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs A.M Fachir said the policy doesn't reflect cooperation principle.
Speaking after the opening of Jakarta Declaration Roundtable Meeting on Addressing the Root Causes of Irregular Movement of Persons in Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Jakarta, 27-28 November 2015, Fachir reiterated Indonesia's position about the policy.  
"Unilateral action is clearly not in line with cooperation spirit between the two countries. We need to discuss the issue together," he said on Friday (11/27/2015).
"we have discussed the issue for long time. We need common perception and action for the issue because unilateral action will not solve the problem," he added.
Fachir explained Indonesia still believes humanitarian approach to solve the issue. Fachir said Indonesia takes care of the refugees and process them according to international regulation.
According Sydney Morning Herald, Friday (11/27/2015), 16 refugees from Bangladesh and Indonesian boat captain pushed back to Indonesian territory by Australian authority in 20 November. The refugees arrived in West Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara yesterday.
The refugees was helped by local residents. Local police said the refugees could die if nobody found them.

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