Rohingya Refugees Still Undergoing Resettlement Process

Sonya Michaella - 22 June 2016 13:19 WIB
Rohingya Refugees Still Undergoing Resettlement Process
Rohignya refugees in Aceh (Photo: AFP), Jakarta: Many Rohingya refugees in Aceh are still undergoing resettlement process. It is unclear whether the Indonesian government will allow them to stay more than one year in the country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Arrmanatha Nasir mentioned that some Rohingya refugees have been resettled in third party countries. 
"While, some others have returned to the their home country," he said at his office, Jakarta, on Tuesday (6/21/2016).

He added that the number of Rohingya refugees in Aceh has decreased to less than 300. "I should check the exact number, but it less than 300," he concluded.

Scores of Rohingya refugees were rescued in Malacca Strait in May 2015. Indonesia and Malaysia agreed to accommodate the refugees only for one year.


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