Foreign Ministry: No Plan to Put Refugees on an Island

Fajar Nugraha - 26 November 2015 16:51 WIB
Foreign Ministry: No Plan to Put Refugees on an Island
Rohignya refugees in Aceh (Photo: AFP), Jakarta: Ministry of Foreign Affairs ensured that there is no plan to put refugees on specialized island.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spoke Person Arrmanatha Nasir said the issue has been clarified by Coordinating Minister of Politics, Law and Security Affairs Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan.
"The issue has been clarified by the minister when he was in Malaysia. There is no plan from Indonesia until now to build facility in an island for refugees and irregular migrants," Arrmanatha said in Jakarta, Thursday (11/26/2015)
However, specialized island could be one of the options for irregular migrants who come to Indonesia. Recently, big wave of irregular migrants came to Indonesia like Rohingya Refugee who came from Myanmar and entered Indonesia via Sumatera.
"It is one of the options but we learn from our experience with Galang Island. Long time needed to solve the problem," he said.
Arrmanatha added Indonesian Government until no doesn't has policy to put migrants in specialized location. One of the reason is Indonesian Government doesn't want the island become pulling factor for the asylum seekers to come to Indonesia.


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