Govt Outlines Priorities within Digital Indonesia Road Map

Antara - 23 March 2022 13:22 WIB
Govt Outlines Priorities within Digital Indonesia Road Map
Communication and Informatics Minister Johnny G. Plate. (Photo: MI/Pius Erlangga)
Jakarta: Communication and Informatics Minister Johnny G. Plate outlined six strategic directions within the 2021–2024 Digital Indonesia Road Map that have become the government's priority in expediting digital transformation.

"The completion of the 2021–2024 Digital Indonesia Road Map is one of the mandates from the five digital transformation acceleration instructions that the President conveyed on August 3, 2020," he said.
Broadly speaking, the goal of the 2021–2024 Digital Indonesia Road Map is to provide clarification on the direction of policies, implementation or execution, he explained during a work meeting here on Tuesday.

In addition, it lays out the achievement targets for expediting Indonesia's digital transformation, he added.

The first strategic direction within the road map is the development of inclusive, safe, and reliable digital and connectivity infrastructure with high-quality services.

The second concerns the development of open and integrated digital government institutions to improve public services.

The third relates to transforming Indonesia from a consumer nation to a technology producer through investment in various platforms, products, and systems deemed to possess national strategic value.

This can be done by establishing a 35-percent domestic component level (TKDN) for both 4G and 5G.

The fourth involves harmonizing regulations and increasing funding to advance innovations.

The fifth revolves around bolstering digital capability in priority sectors to strengthen geostrategic competitiveness and encourage quality growth.

The last one concerns building digital culture, utilizing the demographic bonus, and empowering Indonesians in developing the digital world.

“The Digital Indonesia Road Map is a strategic guideline to facilitate Indonesia's digital transformation in four sectors," the minister informed.

"The first is digital infrastructure, the second digital government, the third digital economy, and the fourth is digital citizens," he said.

At least 100 main initiatives within 10 priority sectors have been mapped out within the road map to realize inclusive digital transformation, Plate explained.

These sectors comprise digital transformation and tourism, digital trade, digital finance service, digital media and entertainment, digital agriculture and fishery.

They also include digital real estate and city, digital education, digital health, industry digitalization, and government institution digitalization.

"The target audience of the Indonesia Digital Road Map is the government or the entire related ministries or institutions at the central and regional level," Plate noted.

"The second target is entrepreneurs while the third target is the general public," he added.


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