Harbolnas Boosts Trade Sector in Q4 2018

    Husen Miftahudin - 06 Februari 2019 17:30 WIB
    Harbolnas Boosts Trade Sector in Q4 2018
    Illustration (Photo:MI/Atet)
    Jakarta: Central Statistics Agency (BPS) chairman Suhariyanto said Wednesday that the National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas) helped boost Indonesian gross domestic product (GDP) growth in the fourth quarter of 2018.

    According to BPS, Indonesian economy grew by 5.18 percent last quarter. In the meantime, trade sector grew by 4.39 percent last quarter.

    "The trade sector was influenced by Harbolnas. People were attracted with big discounts," Suhariyanto said.

    Last quarter, on the production side, the highest growth was recorded by the Other Services sector with 9.08 percent. On the expenditure side, the highest growth was posted by the Non-Profit Institutions Serving Households component with 10.79 percent.

    "Car and motorcycle sales were good. Our national household consumption was strong," Suhariyanto said.


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