Govt Launches Apps to Ease Drone, Aircraft Operations in Indonesia

Antara - 15 June 2022 14:41 WIB
Govt Launches Apps to Ease Drone, Aircraft Operations in Indonesia
SIDOPI-GO is developed to control drone operations in Indonesia. (Photo:
Jakarta: Directorate General of Civil Aviation at the Transportation Ministry officiated the utilization of the Drone, Remote Pilot Certificate, and Drone Operation Approval Registration System Application (SIDOPI-GO) and the Indonesian Aircraft Registration System Application (SIPUDI).

"These two applications showcase our commitments in providing excellent service to flight operators and drone stakeholders (developers and users) in improving the Electronic-Based Government System (SPBE),” Acting Director General of Civil Aviation at the ministry, Nur Isnin Istiartono, noted in a statement as quoted here on Wednesday.
Istiartono expected that through the applications, they will enjoy a more convenient, simple, and transparent licensing process.

SIDOPI-GO is developed to control drone operations in Indonesia, he noted.

Through the application, operating approval can be given through an integrated one-stop service, thereby increasing the efficiency of the process and enabling real-time monitoring in line with the increasing utilization of drones in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, SIPUDI is created to facilitate an accurate, quick, online, and transparent aircraft registration certificate issuance process.

Although it is conducted online, all of the drone operation licensing and aircraft registration processes still refer to the applicable rules and regulations.

The implementation of these applications is expected to serve as a role model for the licensing process in Indonesia -- especially in the aviation sector -- so the applications can help in advancing the sector.

"The benefits of these applications are not only to assist the flight operators and drone users in Indonesia but also to fulfil the general public’s demand for air transportation services,” Istiartono noted.

Hence, he emphasized the need to conduct massive dissemination of information regarding the use of the applications to enable the implementation of the applications to reach a wider community.

In addition to the acting director general, the inauguration of the SIDOPI-GO and SIPUDI was attended by Director of Aviation Navigation Sigit Hani as well as Director of Airworthiness and Aircraft Operation Dadun Kohar.


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