Govt Supports Opening of Bukalapak's Tech Hub in Australia

Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 02 February 2022 16:45 WIB
Govt Supports Opening of Bukalapaks Tech Hub in Australia
Victoria is known as one of the centres for developments of digital technology and innovation in Australia. (Photo: KBRI Canberra)
Melbourne: The Representatives of Indonesian Government in Australia have consistently pushed cooperation in digital technology and innovation, as recently demonstrated by the Government of Indonesia's support for Bukalapak's partnership with Victorian Government in Australia. 

Bukalapak has set up a R&D Hub in Melbourne, Victoria, which becomes Bukalapak's first international base for research and development centres.
The opening of the said hub will enable Bukalapak to access Victoria's capabilities and pool of talent in digital technology and innovation and at the same time to explore cooperation opportunities with Victorian universities. 

The inauguration was attended by the Indonesian Ambassador in Canberra, the Indonesian Consul General in Melbourne, the President of Bukalapak, and the Treasurer of Victoria.

"As a tech all-commerce company that is driven to transform lives through technology, Bukalapak is committed to continue to grow and develop its innovative services through a robust tech team. Melbourne's tech ecosystem is an ideal base for Bukalapak to establish this tech hub, which enables Indonesia's tech talent to work together with tech professionals from Australia and around the world," Teddy Oetomo, President of Bukalapak, said in a press release on Wednesday.

On the same occasion, Dr Siswo Pramono, Indonesian Ambassador to Australia, said that the opening of the tech hub will open new path to improve for both countries' digital technology ecosystem. 

Moreover, the digital transformation is also very important since it is one of the priorities of Indonesia's presidency in G20 in 2022. 

The IA-CEPA is also expected to encourage deeper cooperation more than a tech hub.

"Victoria is the tech capital of Australia and we are proud to welcome the establishment of Bukalapak's first international R&D hub to Melbourne, creating jobs and enhancing our state's culture of innovation," Tim Pallas, Treasurer of Victoria, stated.

Victoria is known as one of the centres for developments of digital technology and innovation in Australia. The Victorian Government has implemented policies and allocated budgets to encourage its digital technology and innovation development, including through international collaboration. At the same time, Indonesia is also determined in developing its digital technology ecosystem, among others, by cooperating with world-class digital ecosystem development centres. In the future, the Indonesian Representative in Australia will continue to encourage increased digital cooperation between the two countries, including through capacity and technology development cooperation.


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