Cloud Adoption, Main Key of Your Company's Digital Transformation

    M Studio - 07 Oktober 2019 12:15 WIB
    Cloud Adoption, Main Key of Your Company's Digital Transformation
    General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Indonesia, Leon Chen.
    Jakarta: Digital transformation is not merely the move from physical to digital. It is one of the main stages of business growth. That is why digital transformation is identical with companies and very popular in this digital era.
    It is an open secret that a company will be prone to setbacks if it is unwilling to carry out digital information. The company will trail behind its competitors as consumers and markets always embrace the newest digital technologies and innovations.
    Digital tranformation can be simply defined as the adoption of digital technologies into all areas of a business. It prompts companies to bolster their IT budget in order to support their digital transformation.
    Digital transformation is not only popular among multinational companies in developed countries. According to data gathered by IDC, it is also booming in Indonesia, especially among technology and digital companies.
    IDC has projected that IT budget in Indonesia will grow from USD32.7 billion this year to USD78 billion in 2022. Three technologies are widely adopted by Indonesian companies: cloud computation, artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing.
    Cloud computation is one of the most fundamental aspects of digital transformation. By storing and processing data through cloud services, a company can interact with its business branches everywhere and anytime. It also enables collaborations between workers.
    IDC also found that 40 percent of local startups in Indonesia are planning to fully adopt cloud technology by 2022. They are currently searching for global cloud service producers that can help support their business activities in the future.
    According to IDC, by 2024, 60 percent of the global market share are currently controlled by Microsoft, Amazon Web Service, Google and IBM. However comes new big player in the industry, Alibaba Cloud.
    Alibaba Cloud currently is number one in APAC market as the best cloud provider, according to Gartner Research which published last April. This is the second time they get the title. Alibaba also have the biggest cloud infrastructure, with 15 availability zones outside mainland China, covering Singapore (3 availability zones, first launched September 2015).
    They also cover Hong Kong (2 availability zones, first launched May 2014), Australia (2 availability zones, first launched November 2016), Malaysia (2 availability zones, first launched October 2017), Indonesia (2 availability zones, first launched February 2018), India (2 availability zones, first launched January 2018), and Japan (2 availability zones, first launched December 2016) markets.
    Alibaba Cloud is a globally-recognized cloud ecosystem service provider that recently opened its operation in Indonesia. Nevertheless, Alibaba Cloud offers many advantages compared to its competitors. For Southeast Asia region, Alibaba Cloud has established data centers in Indonesia and Malaysia. Meaning, Indonesian companies can enjoy a great and effective customer service.
    Indonesia is not just the fourth most populous country on Earth, but also the largest economy in Southeast Asia, and cloud giants are homing in on this market - judging by the recent announcements from Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS). China’s Alibaba Cloud is one step ahead, launching its second data centre in Indonesia, to improve disaster recovery with multiple availability zones.
    Alibaba Cloud currently has two data centers in Indonesia. It is the first global cloud service provider that builds data centers in the country. Established in 2018 and early 2019 respectively, the two centers will provide high availability and strengthen disaster recovery capabilities, allowing customers to deploy mission-critical workloads in multiple availability zones and switch over within seconds.
    The company has expressed his commitment to cooperate with all internet providers so companies in Indonesia can easily access its cloud ecosystem in order to carry out digital transformation. All global solutions from Alibaba Cloud will be available in Indonesia.
    Today Alibaba Cloud has been supporting Indonesian customers in various sectors including retail, fintech and media, enabling them to thrive through digital transformation. It also supports building the cloud ecosystem in Indonesia and digital talent pool for Indonesia.
    Alibaba Cloud continues to build up its local partner ecosystem and strengthen its local channel network with partners such as PT IndoInternet, PT Blue Power Technology and PT Sistech Kharisma. Alibaba Cloud also launched an Internet Champion Global Accelerator Program in early 2019 to empower local enterprises and talents, contributing to Indonesia's 2020 Go Digital Vision.
    To ensure safety, Alibaba Cloud have 70 security and compliance accreditations worldwide. They compliant with leading international best practices in security, from the Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalogue (C5) assessment from Germany to the Singapore Multi-Tier Cloud Security (MTCS) standard level.
    Alibaba Cloud deployed an anti-DDOS scrubbing center in Frankfurt, Germany and in Malaysia, protecting our customers against DDOS attacks up to hundreds of gigabytes per second.
    Alibaba Cloud is also the first cloud provider to secure the Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS)’s Outsourced Services Providers Audit Report (OSPAR) validation, and fully compliant with the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) Independent Assessment guidelines.


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