Govt Invites Taiwanese Companies to Invest in Semiconductor Industry

    20 Juni 2019 17:48 WIB
    Govt Invites Taiwanese Companies to Invest in Semiconductor Industry
    Illustration (Photo:MI/Sumaryanto)
    Jakarta: An Indonesian industry ministry's delegation paid a recent visit to Taiwan to attract semiconductor companies to invest in Indonesia.

    "Some time ago, we had visited Taiwan in search of companies that will invest in Indonesia's semiconductor industry, as this component can be marketed everywhere," Director General of Metal, Machinery, Transportation Means and Electronic Industry of the Industry Ministry Harjanto stated here on Thursday.

    The semiconductor industry is in need of a considerable amount of funding, and to this end, the ministry has specially approached Taiwanese semiconductor companies to invest in Indonesia, he revealed.

    "Presently, Indonesia merely has one semiconductor industry in Batam. We want more semiconductor companies to operate (in Indonesia)," he emphasized.

    Harjanto remarked that Indonesia currently has several downstream electronic industries. Hence, now is the time to switch them to midstream and upstream industries.

    "We want to encourage the midstream industry to become an upstream industry in the country," he added. (Antara)


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