Grab, Unilever Establish Extensive Partnership in Southeast Asia

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 04 September 2020 16:31 WIB
    Grab, Unilever Establish Extensive Partnership in Southeast Asia
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Jakarta: Grab and Unilever have announced an extensive partnership in Southeast Asia to protect Grab drivers and riders as well as support the livelihoods of small business owners 

    The partnership covers Grab’s Transport, GrabFood, GrabMart and GrabExpress services. Unilever’s personal and home hygiene brands such as Lifebuoy and Cif will support Grab drivers to deliver safer and more hygienic rides under GrabProtect. 

    By leveraging Grab’s platform and technology, Unilever products will be available for consumers to purchase directly from Unilever’s vast network of retailers in Southeast Asia through GrabFood and GrabMart. In this way, the partnership will also help small retailers in Southeast Asia.

    "Unilever is committed to helping protect the lives and the livelihoods of those impacted by the covid-19 pandemic," Unilever International CEO Umesh Shah said in a press release on Friday.

    By partnering with Unilever, Grab hopes to help Southeast Asians adapt and thrive in this new normal – whether by providing cleaner, safer modes of transportation or by connecting them to the growing digital economy.

    "We offer an unparalleled combination of consumer reach, data insights, and logistics fleets that partners like Unilever can tap on to grow their footprint in the region," said Russel Cohen, Grab's Group Managingg Director -Operations.

    Launch dates of the partnership vary by market and by Grab service.


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