Indonesia Plays Role in Determining Global Climate: LIPI

    Antara - 18 November 2019 20:08 WIB
    Indonesia Plays Role in Determining Global Climate: LIPI
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Jakarta: Indonesia plays a role in determining the global climate, according to an Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) official.

    "How we know the phenomenon of interaction between the two oceans and atmosphere is crucial knowledge in observing the climate," acting chief of the LIPI deep sea research center Nugroho Dwi Hananto stated in Jakarta on Monday.

    lying between the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, Indonesia’s location can be used for climate anomaly analysis, such as dry season with high-intensity rain and rainy season with excessive heat as well as El Nino and La Nina.

    "Technically, that is about Indonesia’s role in determining the global climate," the official stated.

    According to him, the research to be conducted by LIPI in the waters off Java's southern coast, Bali Straits, to Makassar Strait on December 18-25 will benefit all sciences and the public.

    Moreover, the government, in this case, LIPI, has no accurate data on the El Nino and La Nina weather phenomena and climate change. Hence, in-depth research is required to observe how Indonesia’s location between the two oceans impacts the global climate.

    The research on climate forecast can be conducted through the use of satellite technology. However, the result will not be as accurate as that of marine research conducted by taking real data on the field.

    In the first stage, the agency will conduct research from Jakarta to Banyuwangi on the eastern tip of Java by sailing through the Indian Ocean. The research will later be conducted in Makassar Strait and back to Java. (Antara)


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