Telkomsel to Anticipate Spike in Internet Data Usage

    Antara - 17 Maret 2020 22:58 WIB
    Telkomsel to Anticipate Spike in Internet Data Usage
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Jakarta: Telkomsel has prepared their network for an anticipated spike in internet data usage as a result of the work and study from home advice issued by the government to stem the spread of covid-19.

    "Telkomsel has prepared a network to anticipate the spike in internet usage, as the potential for data usage in a number of areas rise, in regard to the work and study from home policy issued by a number of corporations and schools," said the Vice President Corporate Communications Telkomsel, Denny Abidin, speaking to ANTARA in Jakarta on Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

    He said Telkomsel continues to monitor the development of the covid-19 pandemic. Telkomsel, he said, is committed to providing quality services to ensure consumers' ease in communicating.

    "Telkomsel continues to monitor the surge in communication traffic, especially in data access services. Handling measures will be adapted to the developments," he said.

    Aside from that, he said that Telkomsel, which is a subsidiary company of Telkom Indonesia, has prepared additional networks to handle increased demand.

    Meanwhile, President Joko Widodo has said that social distancing was the most important action for the public to follow, amid the current spread of covid-19 in the country.

    The President said it is time to work from home, learn from home, and carry out religious practices at home. He asked all people to help each other cooperate in responding to the spread of the coronavirus. (Antara)


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