Ministry Mulls Lowering Limit of E-Commerce Import Tax

    Antara - 18 Desember 2019 18:14 WIB
    Ministry Mulls Lowering Limit of E-Commerce Import Tax
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Jakarta: The Trade Ministry is presently reevaluating the lowering limit of import tax for commodities bought through e-commerce transactions. It is now in force only for products valued at US$75 or higher.

    "We will definitely lower the nominal limit, but the nominal is yet being discussed," Trade Minister Agus Suparmanto informed the press after conducting a check of the illegal import products at his office in Jakarta on Wednesday, December 18, 2019.

    While steering clear from citing the exact nominal, he noted that it could possibly be zero. Simply stated, an import tariff will be applied on every e-commerce product shipped abroad. 

    According to him, the tariff is targeted to be imposed from early next year. Nevertheless, a final discussion is yet to be held.

    According to Article 13 of the current Finance Minister’s Regulation Number 112/PMK.04/2018, products under US$75 are duty-free. According to Article 20, an import tariff of 7.5 percent is applied for products priced over the limit.

    Statistics Indonesia recorded import value in November 2019 to have reached US$15.34 billion. It rose 3.94 percent from that in October 2019, yet decreased 9.24 percent during the same period last year. (Antara)


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