Three New Features in Google Inbox

Riandanu Madi Utomo - 02 May 2016 19:26 WIB
Three New Features in Google Inbox
Google Inbox has three new features, Jakarta: Google just announced new features for its Inbox application designed to ease users in tracking and managing emails.  Google claimed the new features make Inbox simpler.
The first feature is the better integration of Inbox and Google Calendar. Gmail will automatically gather various emails of the same event.  When looking at an event in Inbox, users will see the latest and comprehensive summary in single location.
The second feature is the favorite email bulletin tracking. Now it will be easier for users to view the most read bulletin. 
Lastly, Google presents the feature that allows link to be kept in Inbox. The feature will be very useful for you who loves to keep various internet links to be viewed later.
The three new features can be enjoyed through a browser or in the mobile apps available in iOS, Android and Google Chrome extension.


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