Blackberry Messenger Still Favorite in Indonesia

Ellavie Ichlasa Amalia - 26 May 2016 17:51 WIB
Blackberry Messenger Still Favorite in Indonesia
(Photo: Similar Web), Jakarta: There are so many messaging applications today. Similar Web recently conduced research to find the most popular messaging application in the world. The result: Whatsapp is the most favorite messaging application.

WhatsApp leads in 109 countries including Brazil, Mexico, India, Russia. Meanwhile, Facebook Messenger is favored in 49 countries including the United States (US) and Australia.
The third most popular messaging application is Viber. It dominates East Europe region.

LINE, Wechat and Telegram are favored in more than one country. In the meantime, Kakaotalk, Imo, Zalo and Blackberry Messenger (BBM) are only favored in one country.

Indonesia is the only country where its people mostly use BBM. The application is installed in 87.5 percent of Android gadgets in the country

As a comparison, only 0.42 percent of Android gadgets in the US have BBM application. 



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