Indonesia, Vietnam and India Vulnerable to Online Scams

Lufthi Anggraeni - 31 May 2016 17:18 WIB
Indonesia, Vietnam and India Vulnerable to Online Scams
Illustration (Photo: AFP), Jakarta: Kaspersky Lab recently released survey on online Scams in 26 countries. The survey showed that 26 percent of consumers in Indonesia become victim of online scams, the highest between the 26 countries.

Vietnam is in the second place with 25 percent, while India is third with 24 percent.


The survey revealed many online scams are carried out through email. Online scammers usually pretend as banks or retail companies.

It also revealed six percent of consumers lose their money because of online scams, while the other four percent lose money from data leaks.

Kaspersky Lab found that in average a victim lose USD283 due to online scams. 54 percent of victims manage to get their money back.


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