Governor Upbeat about Jakarta's Recovery on Its 494th Anniversary

    Antara - 22 June 2021 18:16 WIB
    Governor Upbeat about Jakartas Recovery on Its 494th Anniversary
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    Jakarta: Governor of Jakarta Anies Baswedan pinned high hopes on Jakarta soon recovering from the pandemic, as he led the ceremony marking the city's 494th anniversary on Tuesday.

    The governor’s aspirations align with this year's theme for the commemoration, 'Jakarta Revives'.


    "This theme encapsulates the meaning of economic and health recovery toward a resilient and sustainable city, painting a picture of the dreams of Jakartans to recover," Baswedan noted in his opening remarks at the ceremony attended by officials both in person and virtually.

    The governor further emphasized that Jakarta will continue to fight and adapt in order to achieve recovery wherein all elements of the public, including individuals, institutions, universities, and the government, make their contributions.

    Baswedan believes such contributions from various elements can support the progress of a city such a Jakarta, with surfeit resources.

    "Hence, the DKI Jakarta provincial government prioritizes collaboration and invites all components to work together for the progress of the city, as collective efforts to build the city of Jakarta," he affirmed.

    Such collaboration is also expected to be prioritized in the midst of the pandemic by involving all parties in handling matters that emerge as a result of the pandemic.

    "Jakarta is a city having resilient characters, those who are able to handle challenges, always striving for progress and ready to work hard for completion. This city is filled with tough people," he affirmed.

    Hence, Baswedan is upbeat that once the COVID-19 pandemic passes, Jakarta would become a better city despite having faced difficult times replete with challenges.

    "To this end, we need to practice discipline to ensure that each and every one of us fulfills our responsibilities to the best to our abilities, at the very least protecting ourselves and our families by adhering to health protocols. That way, we can hopefully overcome the challenges that we are facing at the moment," he reiterated;


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