Media Group-Jawaharatul Madi to Provide Food for Hajj Pilgrims

    Medcom, Christopher Harindra - 30 Oktober 2019 10:12 WIB
    Media Group-Jawaharatul Madi to Provide Food for Hajj Pilgrims
    Media Group and Jawaharatul Madi agreed to provides food for Hajj pilgrims and builds central kitchen in Mecca and Medina. (Photo: Achmad Zulfikar Fazli/
    Jakarta: Media Group is collaborating with a Saudi Arabian company, Jawaharatul Madi. The form of this collaboration is the procurement of as many as 20 thousand food packages for Hajj pilgrims.

    "We will work together. Including the construction of a central kitchen in Mecca and Medina," Media Group News CEO Mohammad Mirdal Akib said at Metro TV, Jakarta on Tuesday, October 29, 2019.

    Media Group and Jawaharatul Madi also agreed to develop cooperation in Rwanda and Uganda. Both companies will develop the food industry in the African region.

    The food industry is planned to be divided into various types of industries, ranging from food processing, meat manufacturing, food logistics, to catering management.

    "Jawaharatul Madi will also import a significant amount of meat to Indonesia in collaboration with Pangansari Utama (PT Pangansari Utama). In the hospitality sector, we will together build restaurants in Uganda," said Mirdal.

    CEO of Jawaharatul, Madi Ahmed Al Sager, said he was interested in working with Media Group because he wanted to help people who come to Mecca.

    "God willing, God allows us to have good cooperation," said Sager.


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