Papua to Build Youth Centers

    Medcom, Christopher Harindra - 15 Oktober 2019 10:15 WIB
    Papua to Build Youth Centers
    Papuan youth participating in Malang Tunggal Ika event at Simpang Balapan in Malang, East Java, August 23rd, 2019. (Foto: MI/Bagus Suryo)
    Jakarta: Youth talent development centers will be built in seven indigenous territories Papua. President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) will be at the groundbreaking ceremony on October 28.
    "So that young Papuans can further develop their talents in order for them to achieve their goals. Make Papua far more advanced," said Chairman of Inspiring Young Papua (Papua Muda Inspirasi), Billy Mambrasar, in a written statement, Tuesday, October 15, 2019.
    Billy hopes that the construction of Youth Centers could also possibly heal the trauma caused by the recent riots in the region. "The riots concerned young Papuans," he said.

    Inspiring Young Papua was invited by President Jokowi to the State Palace on Monday, October 14. Their arrival was to prove that there is an abundance of talented young individuals in Papua.
    According to Billy, many achievements both at national and international levels have been done by Papuans youth. After their meeting, the President supported the construction of Youth Centers in Papua.
    "We were welcomed by the President. The plan is to immediately build Youth Centers in Papua to accelerate the development of young minds in Papua," Billy said.
    Billy believes that this plan will motivate the youth in Papua. "We believe this training facility will make young Papuans more enthusiastic about achieving their aspirations to advance Papua and the country," he said.


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