Indonesia Urged to be Firm at Climate Change Conference

    Theofilus Ifan Sucipto - 10 Desember 2019 10:29 WIB
    Indonesia Urged to be Firm at Climate Change Conference
    Wahid Institute Director Zannuba Ariffah Chafsoh. Photo: Ifan Sucipto
    Madrid: Wahid Institute Director Zannuba Ariffah Chafsoh alias Yenny Wahid asked Indonesia to firmly fight for climate change negotiations at the 25th UN Climate Change Conference (COP25).
    "Indonesia has a strategic role because we are one of the lungs of the world," Yenny said in the Ifema Building in Madrid, Spain on Monday 9 December 2019.
    Yenny considered that it will make Indonesia's bargaining value higher. she said the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) needs to make the most of these advantages.
    The daughter of Indonesia's former President Abdurrahman Wahid alias Gus Dur added that Indonesia has things that are rarely owned by other countries. She said one of them being the synergy of the government and civil society.
    "Other countries do not have this. This is our strength and must be shown as an example that can be taken by all countries," Yenny said.
    She added that Indonesia must be confident and aggressive when negotiating. Yenny said that Indonesian people tend to be shy and do not like to put themselves out there.
    In fact, the quality of Indonesian people is not inferior to other countries. However, Indonesians are relatively humble and not arrogant.
    "In international negotiations we must get rid of those feelings and aggressively negotiate our interests," she concluded.


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