Govt lowers Jakarta's Status of COVID-19 Restrictions to Level One

Antara - 02 November 2021 16:39 WIB
Govt lowers Jakartas Status of COVID-19 Restrictions to Level One
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Jakarta: The Indonesian government has lowered the status of COVID-19 restrictions (PPKM) of Jakarta, from level two to level one, according to the Minister of Home Affairs' Instruction Number 57 of 2021.

"We are grateful that the number of COVID-19 cases in Jakarta is gradually declining," Jakarta Deputy Governor, Ahmad Riza Patria, stated at the Jakarta City Hall on Tuesday.
The central government has lowered the status of PPKM in Jakarta based on indicators of public health and social restrictions in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, the lowering of the PPKM level is related to Jakarta's vaccination achievement. The city government has recorded a vaccination rate of above 70 percent for the first dose and above 60 percent for elderly vaccination.

Patria explained that with the decline in PPKM to level one, several adjustments were made, including the allowance of 75 percent of the office capacity in the non-essential sector.

The financial sector is allowed to have 100-percent capacity, administrative sector is up to 75 percent, and the capital market is also allowed to have 100-percent capacity for employees working at the office.

The hospitality sector is also allowed to have 100 percent of its staff members on board, while the capacity for teaching and learning activities is at the most 50 percent, except for Early Childhood Education (PAUD) that is still 33 percent, and special needs schools (SLB), with a maximum of 62-100 percent.

In addition, capacity of the fitness center has been increased to 75 percent, from 50 percent earlier. For the daily necessities sector, the permitted capacity is already 100 percent, with operating hours limited to 22:00 local time after being extended from 21:00.

The operating hours for street vendors are also increased until 22:00 local time, from 21:00.

"Dine-in at the restaurant is allowed until 22:00, which was earlier at 21:00. The restaurant capacity was increased to 75 percent as well. The mall capacity was maximized to 100 percent, with operational hours until 22:00, and children under 12 years of age allowed to enter malls," he stated.

Although the government had relaxed the PPKM regulation, Patria has continued to remind people to stay vigilant and implement health protocols while conducting their activity. 


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