Landslide in Langkat Hinders Villagers' Mobility

    Antara - 11 Desember 2019 19:02 WIB
    Landslide in Langkat Hinders Villagers' Mobility
    Illustration ( Rizal)
    Langkat: A landslide disrupted mobility of the residents of 7 Kuta Belki Hamlet in Adin Tengah Village in Salapian, Langkat, North Sumatra Province, on Wednesday, December 11, 2019. Debris buried a 10-meter-long road section of the village.

    However, no casualties were reported in the landslide. The landslide triggered by heavy rain that continued to pelt the mountainous areas of 7 Kuta Belki Hamlet.

    According to Adin Tengah Village Head A. Sitepu, the road section blocked due to the landslide not only disrupted the mobility of local residents, but it also hindered the delivery of a backhoe to the disaster area. Several locals made concerted efforts to clear the road section of landslide debris.

    On Tuesday, December 10, 2019, a landslide had also hit Belimbing Village of Batam City in Riau Islands Province. It caused damage to over 10 houses.

    Consequently, the families, whose houses were ravaged by the landslide, had to seek refuge elsewhere. The relatives of these families provided them temporary accommodation.

    During a visit to the disaster-hit area, Deputy Mayor of Batam City Amsakar Achmad echoed the city administration's plan to adopt cliff strengthening measures at the village to avert future incidents of mud and landslides. He suggested that villagers, whose houses were located in the disaster area, should in the interim relocate to facilitate easier delivery of backhoes to assist workers to begin work.

    "At the moment, heavy rainfall is a possibility. It can potentially trigger another landslide, and we cannot let that recur," the Batam official stated. (Antara)


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