US, Indonesia Celebrate Shared Successes in Climate Change, Biodiversity Conservation

    Wahyu Dwi Anggoro - 29 April 2021 16:44 WIB
    US, Indonesia Celebrate Shared Successes in Climate Change, Biodiversity Conservation
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    Jakarta: The United States (US) and Indonesia celebrated Wednesday shared climate change and biodiversity conservation achievements attained through the US Agency for International Development Build Indonesia to Take Care of Nature for Sustainability (USAID BIJAK) project. 

    USAID, through BIJAK, strengthened the Government of Indonesia’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect wildlife on land and at sea.

    Since 2016, the $19.6 million USAID BIJAK project worked closely with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), the Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI), and other key partners on revising policies, guidelines, and procedures for strengthening conservation. 

    This has helped Indonesia protect at-risk ecosystems, reduce encroachment and land disputes, and use data to manage natural resources more effectively and transparently. 

    The project also increased demand for action toward the conservation of national parks and wildlife, particularly among youth.

    "USAID is proud to celebrate the shared successes in conservation and wildlife protections that we have achieved in close collaboration with the Government of Indonesia through BIJAK. A profound climate crisis threatens development progress, our health, and the economy, and through our new five-year strategy, we look forward to further collaboration with Indonesia on addressing climate change and advancing Indonesia’s development goals," said USAID Mission Director Ryan Washburn in a press release on Thursday.

    The Government of Indonesia will use the tools developed through USAID BIJAK to advance its goals of resolving land disputes covering 1.8 million hectares in conservation areas and protecting 43 million hectares of high carbon stock and high conservation value habitat. 

    USAID BIJAK reduced consumer preference for wild-caught songbirds and, working with KLHK, developed action plans to protect and prevent illegal trade of critically endangered helmeted hornbills and pangolins. 

    Finally, the project contributed to Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) and Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries efforts to protect Indonesia’s shark population by establishing quotas for the legal shark trade.

    To help ensure that the policies lead to their intended results, USAID BIJAK supported LIPI and other key government partners to field test the new initiatives, facilitating refinement and effective implementation beyond the life of the project.


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