President Jokowi Receives Covid-19 Vaccine

    Nur Azizah - 13 January 2021 10:10 WIB
    President Jokowi Receives Covid-19 Vaccine
    President Joko Widodo is the first person to receive covid-19 vaccine in Indonesia
    Jakarta: President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), along with a number of figures, received covid-19 vaccine at the Presidential Palace Complex in Jakarta Special Capital Region on Wednesday morning.

    President Jokowi was the first person to receive covid-19 vaccine in Indonesia.

    "That did not hurt at all," the President said after getting the jab.

    Last week, The Food and Drugs Monitoring Agency (BPOM) officially issued the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) for CoronaVac, a COVID-19 vaccine developed by China’s Sinovac Biotech. 

    According to the agency, the side effects of the covid-19 vaccine are not dangerous.

    Meanwhile, an analysis of the efficacy of CoronaVac from phase three clinical trials shows that the vaccine has met the WHO’s requirement of a minimum 50 percent efficacy. 

    The results of clinical trial in Bandung demonstrate a 65.3 percent efficacy, while similar trial in Turkey demonstrates a 91.25 percent efficacy, and 78 percent for trial in Brazil.


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